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Antelope Swirl by Joe Hoover
Antelope Waves
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Antelope Golden Abyss by Joe Hoover
Antelope Golden Abyss
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Analope Indians by Joe Hoover
Antelope Indians
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Antelope Magic by Joe Hoover
Antelope Magic
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Sedona Rainbow by Joe Hoover
Sedona Rainbow
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Sedona Sky by Joe Hoover
Sedona Sky
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Sedona Ruins by Joe Hoover
Sedona Ruins
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Medicine Wheel by Joe Hoover
Medicine Wheel
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Owl Window Crash by Joe Hoover
Owl Window Crash
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Photographer Joe Hoover is an artist and storyteller who focuses his lens on people, animals and landscapes. Hoover records with his photographs a slice of his world, capturing moments in time, sharing his visions and experiences. He employs a mathematical sense of lighting to capture breathtaking landscapes, canyons and caves. His unique composition and documentary style reflect the combat cameraman’s training to, “tell the story.” read more

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